Hear What clients are saying:

“I've always had a complicated relationship with my body, as well as some pretty traumatic injuries, which has kept me from working with a traditional trainer or coach. Betsy will cheer you on, listen to your story, make you laugh and respectfully challenge you. Her combination of skills is truly unique and much needed in the world of exercise and movement. “

-Melanie, 30s

“I have been pleased with the results of my workouts with Betsy.  She has helped me gain physical strength and an overall sense of well being.  Her directions are clear and well researched to fit my individual needs. The sessions are both fun and challenging and together we have worked toward balance and confidence in my abilities at age 74.  Her classes have been a tremendous boost to my mental health and energy level.”

-Pamela, 70s

“For many years, I have sought a way to be active and get fit. Staying motivated was the hardest part. After several months with Betsy at PlayFit AVL, I am more motivated than ever, and I am seeing awesome results. Betsy makes it fun, and her attention to my specific needs and limitations is great. I appreciate the customized workout plans, and the variety of exercises I get to do on any given day.” 

-Will, 40s

“Betsy has great energy! She is empathic, understanding, accommodating, and resourceful. Working with her has been a joy for me. “

-Rachael, 40s

“I enjoy my workouts with Betsy.  She has a great play space and nice toys, is creative and flexible with routines she prepares in advance, plays cool music and is fun to be around. “

-Don, 60s