I'd love to come work with you but I have small children and don't want to get a sitter!
Bring them! I have a small play area set up in the studio.  If they need your attention, we will work them into your workout! Fun for the whole family!

But I really love to sweat! Am I going to actually get a workout playing?
YES! You will sweat and be out of breathe and laugh and shake and have a great time! 

I want to train for a Spartan Race. Can you help me crosstrain?
Yes! I can help you with any goal you have set for yourself, even if that goal is to walk around the block!

I'm coming back from an injury. Can you help?
Yes! I can help you with the emotional side of coming back from an injury as well getting you back in shape for whatever you want to do.

I want really big muscles and want to be able to lift really heavy weights! Can you help?
No! I'm not the right fit for you.  Try CrossFit! You'll love it.