PlayFit AVL is excited to offer the following classes:

RECESS- Recess is the cornerstone class for PlayFit AVL. Utilizing games, upbeat music and community building, Recess helps takes you through 55 minutes of serious play! Functional movements (squats, pushing, pulling, lifting) are woven into the games. It’s so much fun, you might not realize what a good workout you are getting! This class is not for anyone who takes themselves too seriously or someone who hates to laugh. Think reparative PE- no shaming, you are always included and you get to choose to be here!

BODY POSITIVE YOGA-At PlayFit AVL, we believe that you and your body belong everywhere you want to be and that your body is great just how it is right now. You won’t hear us talking about diets or losing weight. You will hear us talking about radical acts of self-love, like taking a yoga class. Our teachers can help you move in ways that feel good in your body, providing instructions on how to vary postures based on how each shape feels to you. We provide mats, blocks, blankets, belts and chairs. Just bring yourself!

- Adult/Baby Fitness is a class designed for any caregiver (mom, dad, grandparents, nanny, etc) of a pre-mobile or not totally mobile infant (or two). Your baby can be in a carrier on your body or resting in an infant carseat or stroller. If they are awake, we will incorporate them into the class. If they are sleeping, you get an hour off without having to worry if they are ok in the child watch. We will have great fun while building strength and community!

- Play Balance is a great class for anyone needing to build stability in their life! Balance training can help with recovery from injury or surgery. It is also excellent for anyone over age 60 who is interested in aging a little more gracefully. In this class, we will play lots of games that challenge all the muscles that help hold you up (intrinsic core stabilizers) while also challenging your reaction time. It’s great to be able to stand up straight, but you also want to be able to catch that glass that is about to fall off the counter without throwing out your back!

PLAY STRETCH- Play Stretch is a class for anyone who is not interested in yoga, but wants someone knowledgeable about the body to lead them through a series of stretches. This class is great for anyone who regularly participates in recreational sports (tennis, golf, soccer, etc…). A regular flexibility practice can improve your performance in your chosen activities, but it can also just help you feel less stiff in the mornings!