Someone stopped by my studio yesterday. This happens from time to time, but usually drop-ins are looking for the barber who used to occupy my space. But yesterday, this person came to see me. He said he saw my sign while driving by and was intrigued, so he turned around and came back. We chatted for about 45 minutes. He asked all kinds of questions about how I practice and why. Towards the end of our conversation, he encouraged me to write about what I am doing. So here I am. First thing in the morning.

Here’s my why: I want to create a space where all people feel like they can move their bodies freely, joyfully. I have some ideas about how specific movements can improve quality of life, but ultimately the choice to move or not move and how to move belongs with you. I offer exercises to each of my clients and remind you that you can choose to move in the suggested ways or you can say no. Helping each client own their autonomy over their bodies is really important to me.

So many of us have been told that we are too big, too small, not fit enough, too tall, too short, too awkward, not athletic, lazy. We get these messages from the media, of course, but also from our families and our friends. At PlayFit AVL, I have created a space where we throw all those messages out. Here, you are in control. You will get the message from me that you are good enough right now. You have value regardless of the size clothing you wear or how often you workout.

My goal is to help each person develop life-long healthy habits. We proceed gently, listening to your unique body. We listen when your body is telling you to take a break. We listen when your body is telling you that something doesn’t feel good. We stop if a movement hurts because exercise should never hurt.

I created this space for all of us. To move. To own our bodies. To build community. To spread joy.  For you and for me. We all belong here.