The daffodils are coming up in my front yard. The blueberry bushes have buds on them. The lilacs might actually bloom this year.

I get restless this time of year. Waiting for the flowers, waiting for sunny warm days, waiting for the grass to green. Waiting.

This past winter has been really wet and really gray. Gray days stretched into weeks and I found myself desperate for sunshine. Thankfully, my studio is 50% glass, so anytime the sun would peek out, I would find a way to feel the warmth on my skin. This is the way to make it through the overcast winter. These tiny bits of hope get me through.

We are living in a time of great beauty and great darkness. These little glimpses of sun remind me that the potential for renewal is just around the corner. With the warm sun comes growth and possibility.

Now is a great time for your new beginning. Do the thing you have been putting off. Get the haircut. Register for that race. Take the trip. Plant the seeds. Eat the foods.

Live the life you have been dreaming of. Now’s the time.

Betsy Archer