Betsy Fife Archer

(Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach)

I believe life is too short to take myself so seriously. I try to infuse fun in every day, whether its time spent playing with my three young children or going to see live music with my spouse. I have been an athlete since I was four when I started playing soccer, my first true love. I was never the fastest kid on the team, but I always played with heart. When puberty hit, I started to gain weight despite my active lifestyle. I still loved soccer with much of my identity revolving around being a part of my team. When I was 14, I was cut from the team I had played on for four years because my coach said I was "too big".


I was devastated. This incident became a defining moment in my life and was the beginning of a complicated relationship between me and my body and exercise. I switched to a different team, ended up playing soccer in college, have run a marathon and half marathon, but still carried that wounded piece of me. I often felt like I was exercising simply to try to change my body, to make my body smaller or my muscles bigger or to try to obtain some false ideal. I've tried every diet out there, done CrossFit, endurance sports, worked with myriad trainers. None of it "worked". None of it changed how my body looked, but all of the exercise I have done changed the way my body felt. It took me a long time to realize that was the destination. It wasn't a pant size that I desired. I desired to feel good! After that realization, I started exercising because I began to love my body and what it can do! I realized that I didn't have to workout in any way that didn't make me happy. I started to infuse my workouts with play and life simply became more fun. So, now I bring this to you. Come spend some time with me and remember the joy of play. Remember or learn how to love your body in whatever shape or size or ability you come with. You are worth it!